Are You In a Bushfire Danger Zone?

If the answer is yes and you are not adequately insured, it’s time to get your insurance reviewed well before summer sets in. The hot season is rapidly approaching, and with the number of heatwave days in Perth reportedly increased by 50% since 1950 (according to the Climate Council), it’s never been more important to insure yourself in the event of bushfire.

Essential Tool Insurance for Regional Australian Tradespeople

If you work in regional Australia, we know what the elements can do your tools tough. Elements such as the harsh, sun, salt, sand, wind and rain can wreck havoc on your tools and they can sometimes not last as long as if you were working in the city or suburbs of your nearest town. In addition, you will be faced with the risks of theft and liability also for your trades business. Some regional areas can also see an increase in risks in these areas also.

Is Your Business Globally Sustainable?

At Elliott Insurance Brokers we are implementing procedures to become as global sustainable as we can be, in fact we’re the first Australian insurance broker to do so. Global sustainability is becoming more and more active in Australian and international businesses, so we’re here to shed some light so you too can understand what it’s all about and apply steps within your business too.

Public Liability Insurance For Regional Australian Contractors

Contractors have the ability and opportunity to work anywhere in Australia. As a result it’s important to know what kinds of risks some of our regional contractors might be facing. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the unique risks that contractors working in regional areas of Australia are facing and how to best cover them, as the main point of difference for regional contractors is the type of location you will be working at.

5 Steps To Assessing Your Business Risks

Identifying risks within your business can be a difficult task. Some risks might be obvious, whilst others are underlying or take time to reveal themselves. However, it’s important to identify any risk exposures within your business in order to be able to prevent them, to plan for them, and to also protect your business financially should something go wrong. Here is our guide to identifying your business risks.

Insurance Must-haves For Aussies In WA’s South West

In Western Australia we all know how harsh our weather conditions can be and how tough it can be to run a farm or business in rural WA. Living and working WA’s South West can bring with it exposures relating to weather such as heavy rainfall, gusty winds, flooding, and cyclones as well as the usual risks of theft, breakdowns, interruptions, damage, and loss.

Don't Think You Need Professional Indemnity Insurance? Think Again

The importance of obtaining Professional Indemnity Insurance for Australian businesses is on the rise. This is due to number of reasons, one of these being a rise in small business enterprise in our economy, as well as a rise in the attitude of ‘sue or be sued’.

Insurance News - Claims In After Storms And Flooding

In a report by the Insurance Council of Australia, over 2500 claims have been lodged with insurers following storms and flood damage in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, whilst similar wet weather is set to continue in these areas over the following week.

How To Find An Insurance Broker For Your Business In Albany

If you’re looking for the right type of insurance for your rural business in Albany, make sure you’ve got your checklist handy so you can find the right insurance broker to match you with appropriate rural insurance. We know how much a part of your life your business is, therefore it’s vital to have a good relationship with your insurance broker and ensure they are doing all they can to find the right protection for your specific needs. Here’s how.

3 Vital start-up business insurances you may have overlooked

If you run a start-up there’s no doubt you’ve been thrust into the world of business at a rapid speed and need to quickly find out what exactly you need to protect your business and your assets. After all, you’re likely on limited funds and need to minimise, account for, and protect yourself against any potential loss. Here we’ll outline some of the essential insurance you might need for your start-up business.


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