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Transport Operators Package Insurance

The transport industry is a critical component of our economy, but it's not without its challenges. From vehicle damage to downtime, the associated risks can have a significant impact on your bottom line. That's where a Transport Operators Package Insurance comes into play. This comprehensive policy covers everything from commercial motor insurance to downtime, public and product liability, and carriers transit insurance.
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Comprehensive Protection for Transport Operators

Our brokers have access to insurance packages that are designed to provide transport businesses with comprehensive coverage, protecting against the unique risks faced in the industry. Transport Package Insurance includes cover for:

.. Our policy provides coverage for accidental loss or damage to your vehicle, and your legal responsibility to pay for property damage or injury caused by your vehicle (beyond what is covered by a CTP Policy).
.. This ensures coverage for loss of income while your vehicle is out of operation due to an insured event, resulting from an accepted claim under the Commercial Motor Insurance Section.
... Our policy safeguards you from legal liability to pay as compensation for defined personal injury and/or property damage. The limit of indemnity is outlined in your policy schedule for any one event or series of related events.
.. This vital aspect of our policy covers your legal liability to pay compensation for loss of or damage to goods and/or livestock. It also provides coverage for agreed amounts (your Sum Insured) for accidental loss of or damage to goods and/or livestock.
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Why choose Elliott Insurance Brokers?

With our industry knowledge and insurance expertise, we aim to provide the most comprehensive and personalized insurance solutions for businesses in the transport sector. We understand the unique challenges you face and are committed to offering insurance packages that match your needs. Whether you're a small local operator or a large-scale transporter, Elliott Insurance Brokers can provide the support and peace of mind you need to operate your business successfully.

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Swift and Customized Service

One of our clients, a transport operator, faced a sudden crisis when one of their trucks carrying high-value machinery cargo for their largest client was involved in a multi-vehicle accident. Immediately, they reached out to Elliott.

Our dedicated claims team swung into action, quickly organizing the salvage of the undamaged machinery and arranging for their transportation to the intended destination. Then, working closely with our client and the insurer, our team managed to negotiate the claim settlement for the damaged machinery and the truck, Totalling $700,000.

In this case, not only did we ensure that our client was fully covered for the loss, but our proactive response minimized their potential business interruption, protecting their reputation with their clients. Our personalized claims service turned a potential disaster into a demonstration of our clients resilience and reliability to their client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tailor the Transport Operators Package Insurance to my needs?

Our team of experienced brokers will work with you to understand your unique risks and business needs, tailoring the insurance package to offer the most comprehensive protection for your business. We can adjust the coverages and limits to fit your requirements.

What is the benefit of having a Transport Operators Package Insurance?

A Transport Operators Package Insurance is designed to offer extensive protection under one policy. It covers different aspects of your transport business, ensuring you are covered for various eventualities from vehicle damage to downtime, and liability issues. This comprehensive coverage helps you to manage the risks of your business effectively.

What kind of businesses would need Transport Operators Package Insurance?

Transport Operators Package Insurance is designed for businesses in the transport industry. This includes businesses such as courier services, freight transporters, livestock transporters, or any operation that involves transporting goods or livestock. Our policy can be tailored to fit the needs of both small local operators and large-scale transportation businesses.

Can I cover multiple trucks under a Transport Operators Package Insurance policy?

Yes, our Transport Operators Package Insurance allows for coverage of multiple vehicles. The number of vehicles you can cover will depend on your specific needs and the policy terms. Speak with one of our experienced insurance brokers to discuss your options and find a plan that best suits your business needs.