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Labour Hire Insurance

At Elliott Insurance The Green Broker, we specialise in providing competitive Labour Hire Insurance for recruitment agencies that supply temporary or contract workers to client companies. As the labour hire firm, you assume the role of the employer, and our insurance coverage ensures that you have the necessary protections in place.
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When Does Your Business Need Labour Hire Insurance?

Labour Hire Insurance becomes crucial when your business model involves hiring out employees or contractors to other companies on a temporary basis. Industries that often require labour hire services include Construction, Mining, IT, Transport, Medical, Cleaning, Blue Collar, and Clerical work. Our tailored insurance coverage helps manage the potential risks and liabilities associated with providing these services.

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What Risks Does Labour Hire Insurance Cover?

Labour Hire Insurance can protect your business against a range of potential claims including

.. being held liable for the actions of the employees you provide
... injuries to another worker while performing work
... property damage caused by your workers
... Injuries to the worker

Key Insurance Types to Consider for Labour Hire Firms

Key insurances for labour hire firms include Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Directors and Officers (Management Liability) Insurance, Statutory Liabilities, and Workers Compensation. Our team can guide you in choosing the most suitable coverage based on your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Does Labour Hire Insurance cover?

Labour Hire Insurance covers the potential liabilities and risks associated with providing temporary or contract workers to other companies. This includes costs associated with legal action, workers' injuries or illnesses, and damage to property.

What Type of Labour Hire Businesses Need This insurance?

Any Labour Hire business that provides workers to other companies on a temporary or contract basis should consider Labour Hire Insurance. This is commonly needed in industries such as Construction, Mining, IT, Transport, Medical, Cleaning, Blue Collar, and Clerical work.

How Is Labour Hire Insurance Different From Temporary Placement?

In Labour Hire, the workers you provide remain under your employment, while in Temporary Placement, the workers become employees of the client. The responsibilities and potential liabilities associated with these two models are different, and thus they require different insurance coverages.