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Your Risk Advice Boardroom

Shield your business from all sides with our comprehensive suite of risk management and insurance services.

Why Choose Elliott Insurance The Green Broker?

At Elliott Insurance Brokers, we're not just insurance vendors—we're your strategic risk management partners. Our services stretch from broad risk profiling to specific insurance broking, all designed to provide maximum protection for your business. By drawing on our partnership with Australia’s largest insurance buying group, we're able to offer expert advice and robust risk management strategies, tailoring our offerings to your specific needs.
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insurance services

Our Range of Services

... We provide comprehensive risk profiling services that range from enterprise-wide to project-specific analyses. Key risk areas such as physical, financial, legal, and people are thoroughly addressed. We also evaluate self-insurance risk tolerance and appetite levels, leveraging our extensive experience from conducting numerous risk assessments.
.. Beyond risk advisory, we provide a full suite of traditional broking services. Our emphasis is on pro-activity, planning, and best practices, including pre-insurance renewal strategies established three months in advance and a hands-on approach to claim settlement.
.. We collaborate with leading claims preparation specialists to assist clients in presenting larger claims.
.. With workers’ compensation often comprising one of the highest components of insurance costs, we offer specialized services to manage these costs effectively. Our in-house expertise assists clients in injury prevention, claims management, and in enhancing overall worker safety.
.. In instances where claim settlement or policy placement outcomes are not as desired, we provide access to the Steadfast Triage. This service negotiates fair and reasonable outcomes by providing clients access to the highest levels of management with Australian insurers and underwriting agencies, free of charge.
.. Our clients often face additional liabilities present in agreements and contracts they sign. To address this, we offer a free legal contract review service that provides advice on recommended changes to agreements, suggested modifications to the insurance program, and advice on managing additional liabilities.
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About Elliott Insurance

Our Commitment

As we continue to evolve, we stay committed to maintaining our focus on risk management, insurance broking, worker health and safety, sustainability, and client-focused services. At Elliott Insurance The Green Broker, we strive to transcend traditional insurance offerings and provide an all-encompassing service that addresses every aspect of your business risks.


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