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General Property Insurance

Safeguard your mobile assets. If your business success hinges on mobile assets, it's crucial to ensure their protection against loss or damage. At Elliott Insurance, The Green Broker, we assist Australian businesses in securing comprehensive General Property Insurance policies. Cover your valuable assets — from trade tools and computers to vehicles — and manage business continuity with minimum impact.
general property insurance
INSURANCE COVER Coverage Highlights of General Property Insurance

We help you find General Property Insurance policies that include key coverage:

.. This covers your mobile assets while they are static, with the possibility of offering worldwide coverage*
.. This ensures your mobile assets are protected while in transit, with potential for worldwide coverage*
.. Protection for Hired in Equipment that you are legally liable to insure.
.. Coverage for additional expenditure reasonably incurred following insured damage under the Material Damage – Static or Transit sections.
.. We target policies for a wide range of mobile assets including but not limited to mobile electronics, medical equipment, survey equipment, trade tools, light machinery (non-self-propelled), theatrical assets, and exhibition items.
general property insurance elliott

Why Choose Elliott Insurance The Green Broker for Your General Property Insurance Needs?

At Elliott Insurance, we understand that each business is unique and so are its insurance needs. Our team of skilled insurance professionals works with you to understand your business's specific risks and requirements. We then leverage our industry expertise to identify the most fitting General Property Insurance policy to ensure the protection of your valuable assets. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service ensures that you receive the best advice and support, every step of the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does General Property Insurance cover?

General Property Insurance provides coverage for your mobile business assets against loss or damage. This could include trade tools, computers, vehicles, mobile electronics, medical equipment, and more. The policies we help you find can also cover the increased cost of working as a result of insured damage, and any legal liability to insure Hired in Equipment.

Is General Property Insurance necessary for my business?

If your business depends on mobile assets for its operations, General Property Insurance is crucial. It helps protect these assets against unexpected loss or damage, ensuring that your business can continue to operate with minimal disruption.

What is the difference between static and transit coverage in General Property Insurance?

Static coverage refers to the protection of your mobile assets when they're not in motion, or 'static'. Transit coverage, on the other hand, protects these assets while they're being transported from one location to another. Both forms of coverage are essential to ensure comprehensive protection for your mobile business assets.