What Business Structure is Best for You?

It’s a huge step to start your own business and although it’s an exciting time when you take the plunge, it can also be overwhelming with so many practicalities to consider. One of the first things you’ll need to decide is what legal business structure to use and this depends on a number of factors including the size of your business, your business goals and your individual circumstances.

Why You Don't Want to be Tax Audited

Being slammed with a tax audit after you or your accountant has submitted your return is not only stressful for a number of reasons, it can be enormously expensive. You may not think of it like that, and may not think you’ll ever be called up to complete one, but think again: it does happen, it does happen often, and often when you least expect it!

Business Insurance Basics - What Do I Need?

When considering insurance for your business, it’s important to have a good understanding of what is included in your business insurance package. Having a good understanding of your business insurance means you have peace of mind that all areas of risk are covered.

To help you navigate business insurance, we’ve outlined below the main forms of cover that will commonly be included in your business insurance policy.

7 Hacks to Save Money on Insurance

It’s no secret that we all love finding little ways to save money here and there. Whether it be getting a better deal on a car to using fuel vouchers to save at the bowser, saving dough can be a satisfying feeling. Many people, however, may not know that by using a few savvy tricks and tools, they can also save money on the insurance policies they already have – from car insurance to home and contents and life insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance Basics

If you own a commercial property, you need to have the right level of cover in place so you’re protected financially if something goes wrong. But what forms of insurance are applicable for property? Outlined below are the main types of insurance cover you need to consider for your commercial property.

What are the Benefits of Home Insurance?

Your home is where you rest, play, cook, love, work and just ‘be’. Therefore, it’s really important to protect your home and all that is housed within, should something go wrong – it’s your haven after all. Home insurance policies are one good way of protecting what you own, and while they can’t necessarily cover sentimental and irreplaceable items, they can soften the financial blow should you need to replace or fix items.

Rural Insurance - Get in the Know

Just as city folk secure their house and possessions with home and contents insurance, farmers should take into account insurance for their farm. If you’re in the agriculture industry, rural insurance is imperative to keep your livelihood – and livestock, if you have it – protected should disaster strike. Here we outline how to make the most of rural insurance and to get it up and running so you’re covered for virtually everything to do with your farm.

Why do Small Businesses Need Insurance?

You may think that even though you’re a small or medium-sized business, you don’t require any or much insurance at all. However, depending on your type of business, there are some insurance policies that you are legally required to have, and some insurance policies may be a good investment to protect you in an unfortunate event.

You've Been Robbed! What You Need to Know in Case of Theft at Your Home or Business

Break-ins to your business premises or home can be unsettling, confronting, difficult and inconvenient. If you discover your home or business has been broken into, your own personal safety is paramount. Call 000 before entering the premises as the intruder/s may still be inside. If you are already inside the building when you discover the intrusion your first point of call will still be the police. The police will come to visit the site and you can file a police report.

77% of Businesses Take This Huge Risk

According to a survey of 250 Sydney companies, 77% of small businesses hold no business interruption cover, and 60% lack burglary cover. These statistics are pretty scary for those small businesses, as underinsurance can have dire consequences and is a huge risk to their future and wellbeing. Should they need to rebuild or repair after damage to their own business or others as a result of their actions, huge losses could ensue.


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