Do You Need to Consider Tax Audit Insurance?

When you hear of someone getting audited by the ATO, you don’t usually think the same thing will happen to you or your business. After all, what interest could the ATO have in your situation? Unfortunately, random tax audits or reviews are becoming increasingly common which is why you should consider having tax audit insurance in place.

Travel Insurance - Don't Compromise on Quality

It’s easy for travel insurance to be a bit of an afterthought for people and it’s no surprise that you’re probably more interested in looking at pictures of your holiday destination on the internet rather than worrying about your level of travel cover. However, it’s a good idea to put some thought into your travel insurance rather so you don’t come to any nasty surprises.

Are you prepared for natural disasters?

We are always hearing about natural disasters on television but quite often we don’t think we will ever be affected. However, natural disasters are becoming all too common in Australia and these seem to be getting more frequent reported on. For this reason, it’s important that you have the right insurance in place so you can be assured you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Getting Advice on Public Liability Insurance

Although Public Liability Insurance may seem pretty simple, getting the right advice can save you both time and money. But who are the best people to give you the right advice on business insurance?

Getting to know Public Liability Insurance in Australia

Public Liability Insurance will cover you against damage caused to property or another person as a result of your actions in the context of your business. If a claim is made following damage and you are found liable, you could ...

The best insurance for tradies

If you work as a tradie, there are many different insurance options for you to choose. But how do you know which is the best insurance for you? In many cases, the cheapest insurance may not necessarily be the best.

Understanding insurance excess on car

Let’s face it, insurance can be confusing and a lot of us simply take out our insurance policies without having much understanding of what it all means. When it comes to insuring your car, it’s important you

Cost effective strategies for increasing your property value

Even if you’re not thinking of selling at this stage, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that down the track you may decide it’s time to move on. There are numerous reasons that people choose to sell including moving to another State or area, running out of room or deciding that you can finally downsize now the kids have left home. You might have even taken the plunge and purchased an investment property.


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