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Elliott Insurance ‘The Green Broker’ Launch Event

08.11.2023 By Elliott Insurance Company News

A New Chapter: Elliott Insurance ‘The Green Broker’ Launch and Our Journey to Sustainability

Last week marked a significant milestone for us at Elliott Insurance. Not only did we unveil our refreshed brand as ‘The Green Broker’, but we also celebrated our renewed commitment to sustainability with our distinguished guests, partners, and associates.

Our New Digital Abode

We’re thrilled to introduce our revamped website that not only embodies our new branding but shines a spotlight on our dedication to specific industries, notably the renewable energy sector. As we embark on our journey towards net-zero emissions by 2030, our website will serve as a chronicle of our progress, achievements, and stories.

It’s not just about supporting those in the sustainability industries but also the companies that are choosing to participate regardless of their industry.

How you ask, well one way is through our Virtual Broking Service. Designed with sustainability at its core, this service promises to decrease our carbon footprint while ensuring that our clients continue to receive the same personalised service that they’re accustomed to.

An Event to Remember

Held at The Point Rooftop Bar, our launch event saw passionate individuals from various walks of life coming together. Dr Geoff Wilson OAM enthralled everyone with his tales of adventure, resilience, and the three P’s: Persistence, Passion, and Purpose. Sophie Matterson’s riveting stories further emphasized the importance of these attributes in both personal and professional life.

We were both heartened and proud to see that out of the 200 native Australian seedlings we had for our guests, only 60 remained by the end of the night. A nod to our dedication to offsetting our carbon emissions, these seedlings also served as a beacon of our commitment. Those who were left are set to find their home in a nature reserve near York, Western Australia. To glimpse the memorable moments from our event, check out the socials gallery in the West Australian.

Commitments and Collaborations

Beyond the fanfare and celebrations, our event was a testament to our commitments. Alongside our 2030 net-zero ambition, we are thrilled to embark on our carbon accounting journey with our sustainability partner, Climate Clever. Their expertise will not only help us streamline our carbon reduction strategies but also provide our network with resources to reduce their carbon footprints.

Our collaboration with Seed Culture is another leap towards sustainable education. With 100 free seats released during our event, we aim to empower businesses and individuals on their unique sustainability journeys.

Looking Ahead

The ‘Spirit of Adventure’ theme of our event wasn’t a mere tagline. It’s a call to action, a nudge to inspire, and a reflection of our ethos. As I, Joh Elliott, the CEO of Elliott Insurance ‘The Green Broker’ mentioned during the event, “Our goal is to motivate and inspire our clients and network to navigate the challenges of becoming sustainable. And we believe that with persistence, passion, and purpose, we can collectively make a difference.”

A massive thank you goes to our partners Seed Culture, Climate Clever, Carbon Neutral, the wonderful team at Known Associates for organizing the event, and of course, The Point Rooftop Bar for hosting us.

Use our new website to explore our Products and Insurance Packages, or discover the wide range of Industries We Service. Be part of the change when you choose Elliott Insurance, The Green Broker!

Stay tuned to our website and social channels for regular updates, and here’s to a greener, brighter future!