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Are You In a Bushfire Danger Zone?

12.12.2018 By Elliott Insurance Insurance News

If the answer is yes and you are not adequately insured, it’s time to get your insurance reviewed well before summer sets in. The hot season is rapidly approaching, and with the number of heatwave days in Perth reportedly increased by 50% since 1950 (according to the Climate Council), it’s never been more important to insure yourself in the event of bushfire. With heatwaves and searing hot days come increased fire danger, and every year the number of bushfires across Australia rises, increasing the need for insurance when living in Perth. As you have no doubt seen from the news or heard from friends and family, when bushfire devastates a community, it not only takes homes, memories, valuables and business, but lives. Therefore, it is so important to consider all aspects of insurance and get the right cover in place for your peace of mind and protection for yourself and loved ones. Here we outline some of the avenues you may want to consider.

Life Insurance
First and foremost, your life is the most important thing. Though it may be difficult to think and talk about, in the event of your death, would your loved ones be able to survive should you not be around anymore? From things like mortgages, to loan repayments, funeral costs and paying to rebuild their life after fire devastation, not to mention simply getting food on the table for the rest of their lives. Life Insurance can ease some of the burden by providing your beneficiaries with a payout should you die. It’s important to discuss payout amounts, exclusions and beneficiaries with your broker to ensure the right amount of money goes to the people you want it to go to.

Home Insurance
In the Perth Hills bushfires of January 2014, an estimated $15 million in damages was recorded, according to the Climate Council. With so much damage and loss because of these fires, it is therefore important to consider insuring your home – both the building and its contents. Insurance in Perth is highly accessible, with many policies on the market, so think about this: how would you fare if you weren’t insured and had to rebuild your home from the foundations upward, and replace every single item within it? Not good, understandably, so pay your broker a visit as soon as possible to cover yourself before summer hits.

Business Insurance
Finally, Business Insurance can help set your mind at ease to cover your business (and ultimately, you) in the event it cannot trade or operate as normal due to bushfire. There are many facets of business insurance to consider, so again, it’s worth chatting to your broker about it.
To help ensure you’re covered in the event of a bushfire, call Elliott Insurance Brokers today on 1300 635 315 to speak to one of our experienced brokers in Perth.