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Essential Tool Insurance for Regional Australian Tradespeople

11.29.2016 By Elliott Insurance Insurance News

If you work in regional Australia, we know what the elements can do your tools tough. Elements such as the harsh, sun, salt, sand, wind and rain can wreck havoc on your tools and they can sometimes not last as long as if you were working in the city or suburbs of your nearest town. In addition, you will be faced with the risks of theft and liability also for your trades business. Some regional areas can also see an increase in risks in these areas also. So let’s talk about what’s needed to ensure you’re protected from the special risks that come with working regional.
Your tools are the key to getting your job done. Whether you’re a painter, concreter, plumber, electrician, builder, or bobcat driver, as a tradie, you’ll need to make sure everything is in working order so you can keep on making ends meat. If something goes wrong, regional tool cover can help to ensure that you can keep business going and attend your booked jobs with a quick and comparable replacement of tools.

Regional risks for tradespeople

Some of the insurance risks you’ll face out in regional Australia involve the harsh conditions of our climate. If your tools are damaged by water, sand, or other elements you may be able to obtain tool cover to ensure you can to get new ones to replace them.
The second risk that many tradies face, even in the cities, is theft. If your tools are stolen, tool cover can make sure to protect your back pocket by providing the funds to get new tools.
Working in different conditions, on different regional sites, farms, or around livestock or crop can mean many changes in scenery for you. With this comes the unfamiliarity of a location or conditions, resulting in a more room for errors or damage to your equipment.
If your tools are lost or accidentally damaged, tool cover can also assist to replace them in this case.
As professionals in regional insurance, Elliott Insurance Brokers can help make sure you’re covered for the risks that rural Australia throws at you. Contact us at Elliott Insurance Brokers on 1300 635 315 today to get a quick quote or to make sure your regional insurance questions are answered.