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Insurance News – Claims In After Storms And Flooding

10.18.2016 By Elliott Insurance Insurance News

In a report by the Insurance Council of Australia, over 2500 claims have been lodged with insurers following storms and flood damage in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, whilst similar wet weather is set to continue in these areas over the following week.

“ICA and its members continue to monitor the situation and remain patched in to each state’s emergency management arrangements,” an ICA representative has told

The heavy rain has seen rivers bursting at their banks in Victoria’s central, west and northern regions. As a result the Great Ocean Road has been extremely dangerous to drive through due to landslides.

There are flood warnings in place now issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for various rivers due to more predicted rain in Victoria and NSW.

The rainfall average for the month is 45% above last years according to the BOM.

What can you do in the case of predicted flooding?

If you’re in a region where flooding and heavy rainfall has been predicted, there a few things you can do:

• Make sure to monitor the news and BOM websites and social pages for updated information and warnings
• Take any warnings issued by the authorities seriously and act on their instructions immediately
• Move to higher ground, avoiding walking and driving through flooded areas
• Don’t forget your pets or livestock
• Protect any valuables by placing them on your top storey, within the attic, and/or covering with plastic or within zip-lock bags if you can’t take them with you
• Raise your electrical appliances up and away from water in the home
• Stay away from power lines or electricity during floods at all costs
• If you have time to sandbag your home, block water in the yard and seal entry points
• Seal your sewer valve to prevent backflow during a flood

And most importantly ensure your safety first. If in doubt, contact emergency services and monitor the warnings. Make sure you are protected with the right insurance for flood and storm damage.
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