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Is Your Business Globally Sustainable?

11.24.2016 By Elliott Insurance Insurance News

At Elliott Insurance Brokers we are implementing procedures to become as global sustainable as we can be, in fact we’re the first Australian insurance broker to do so. Global sustainability is becoming more and more active in Australian and international businesses, so we’re here to shed some light so you too can understand what it’s all about and apply steps within your business too.

What is global sustainability in business?

Global sustainability is the support of products and services which your business uses and provides to ensure that future generational needs are not compromised. This covers economic needs, social needs, and environmental needs. Globally sustainable businesses work towards ensuring a positive impact in the world and leaving as little negative impact as possible.

It’s not just about recycling and reducing carbon emissions, although this is one important element, it’s also about supporting other businesses which also do this, and using their services or products as a preference. The more demand there is for these, the better it is for the world and our future.

Other ways to make a positive global impact include supporting organisations which work towards global goals such as reducing hunger, climate change, poverty, violence, and inequality and injustice.

Your business could volunteer to help others, start supporting charities which assist with these global issues, switch over to environmentally conscious suppliers, and also spread the word about your support and involvement.

You can take a look inside your business to see how you can minimise your carbon footprint, offset it, and also service your clients within minimal environmental impact.

You can find out a little more about Global Goals here, about the UN global compact here, and about Carbon Neutral programs here.

We’re proud to be a certified by and/or supporting each of these three organisations. If you’d like to find out more about our brokerage, you can contact us on 1300 635 315.