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Comparing Public Liability Insurance

04.14.2015 By Elliott Insurance Insurance News

If you’re considering taking out Public Liability Insurance, it’s in the best interests of your business to compare a range of different policies so you can be assured you have…

If you’re considering taking out Public Liability Insurance, it’s in the best interests of your business to compare a range of different policies so you can be assured you have the best insurance package for your needs. The problem is finding the time to compare multiple policies and knowing what to look for.

At Elliott Insurance Services, we help you compare a number of different insurers from all over Australia.

Which Insurers Do We Compare?

The main insurers that we compare are:

  • Allianz
  • Calliden
  • CGU
  • Lumley
  • QBE
  • Zurich
  • Vero

Depending on your specific business needs, we can also compare policies with a number of other insurance companies.

How Do We Compare Different Insurers?

As insurance brokers, we have a wide ranging knowledge of the different insurers which offer Public Liability Insurance and this helps us choose the best policy for your business.

Often insurance companies will have a preference for certain business markets and will provide more competitive premiums for those areas. Your broker will have the knowledge to match your business with the most appropriate, and best priced, insurer.

Once we have compared a number of insurers, we will contact you with a quote.

Do We Compare Every Single Policy?

This will depend on your specific business needs. Generally, we get quotes from all the main insurers to ensure you get the best premium.

Although as brokers we often have a ‘feel’ of which company would best suit you, we get a number of quotes to ensure we have the best fit. At times, we may not get quotes from all companies as we know from experience and knowledge who will offer the most competitive price.

If you would prefer that we get a quote from every insurer that we are involved with, you can let us know and we would be more than happy to do this.

What Do We Compare?

It’s understandable that when comparing Public Liability Insurance, you’ll be most concerned with price. However, there are a number of other considerations that your broker will consider.

For example, your broker will also look at the specific Public Liability Insurance policy and make sure it covers all the necessary features and benefits for your specific business needs. They will also rely on their experience of how the various insurers deal with claims.

While your insurance broker will work hard to get the best premium for you, they will also compare other aspects of the different insurers to make sure there won’t be any nasty surprises for you in the future.

Some websites or insurance brokers may say that they compare a number of different policies but they may actually only compare one or two of their preferred insurers. If you’re unsure how many policies have been compared when you receive your Public Liability Insurance quote, just ask your insurance broker.

How Do I Get My Public Liability Insurance Quote?

Public Liability Insurance is essential for your business to protect you from the financial damage of personal injury or property claims as a result of your business activities.

If you choose to obtain Public Liability Insurance from an insurance broker, they will compare a number of policies from different insurers to ensure you have the best premium as well as optimum features and benefits.

To get a quote for Public Liability Insurance or for any other queries, contact Elliott Insurance Services on 1300 635 315 and we would be more than happy to help.