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Stop Your Business From Going Up In Smoke

04.16.2015 By Elliott Insurance Insurance News

We often put measures in place around our homes, such as smoke alarms, to protect against fire but what about our…

We often put measures in place around our homes, such as smoke alarms, to protect against fire but what about our workplaces? Office buildings and commercial properties are just as vulnerable to fire as residential homes and strategies need to be put in place to protect them. But is your workplace prepared? In frightening statistics from Fire and Safety Australia, less than 50% of building occupants know how to work a fire extinguisher.

Before you get too worried about the statistics, there are a few simple things that can be put into place to protect your business against fire.

Preventing Fire In A Few Simple Steps

  • Good housekeeping – If your workplace is crowded with clutter, it can often be an accident waiting to happen as it fuels fire and can block exits. Make sure you clear clutter, particularly flammable items, and encourage employees to do the same. Ensure all chemicals are locked away and any machinery is well maintained. Also, an obvious step is to ensure no smoking around the building.
  • Maintenance – It’s easy to let years go by without having anything replaced around the workplace. If appliances and machinery are getting past their used by date and the electrical cords are becoming frayed or worn, consider a replacement. Maintain clear access to electrical panels in case anything needs to be shut down in the case of fire.
  • Tools of the trade – Have easy access to fire extinguishers and fire blankets around the office and make sure they’re well maintained. Offer education to employees so everyone is confident in an emergency situation. Fire extinguishers are no use if no one knows how to use them! Remember to have the instructions on how to use the fire extinguisher in clear view.
  • Have a plan – Always have a clear plan in place of what needs to happen if there’s a fire. Have it in clear view in numerous locations in the workplace and make sure all employees are aware of it. The plan should include all emergency exit locations and meeting points.

In Case Of Emergency

No matter how well prepared you are, sometimes the worst can happen and fire damage can take its toll on your business property. You can’t prevent everything but you can protect yourself against the financial burden of having to rebuild by taking out appropriate insurance.

To protect yourself financially if a fire does occur, the property section of your business insurance will cover you against fire and perils. If a fire destroys your business property, imagine the financial burden if you had to cover the cost yourself. In many instances people without insurance are simply unable to rebuild their business. Although there are a number of steps you can take to avoid fire in the first place, business insurance will give you peace of mind that you’ll be protected if the worst happens.

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