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You Signed What? Contractual Liability in Australia

12.23.2014 By Elliott Insurance Insurance News

Do you have the right cover, or are you exposed because of a contract you signed? Checking with your broker can save a world of heartache…

Are you risking your business and personal assets without even being aware?

Many of our clients are regularly asked to sign contracts. How much do you know about contractual liability and the IMPACT it can have on your insurance policies and even your assets?

Contractual liability issues are usually very complex and can affect a broad range of professions and policy types. To reduce the risk that this issue can pose to your business and personal assets talk to us. This applies to tenancy agreements through to large commercial contracts (for example supply contract or civil contracts).

Not understanding the issues in this area can have considerable consequences for your own business and your insurance policies.

Do you have the right cover, or are you exposed because of a contract you signed?

Remember —don’t sign ANY CONTRACTS without checking with us first to determine if your insurance program will cover the additional liabilities that you are likely to assume by signing – or if you are able to obtain additional cover in the market for these liabilities.

As your insurance broker we are be able to advise on the insurance coverage that you have. We can also arrange for a specialist third party to complete any necessary legal reviews— which are outside our area of expertise.

You should be aware that in some cases it is not commercially possible to obtain insurance cover for some of the more onerous clauses that can often be included in contracts. Be aware BEFORE you sign.